What is Cognitive Hypnotherapy?

Did you know that your unconscious mind makes about 90% of all your decisions? We think it’s our rational mind that’s in control but really it is our unconscious that is the captain of the ship. And, at the deepest level, this happens because it has evolved to protect us.

But it can also make mistakes. Our ancient ancestors didn’t have time to stand around and debate whether that really was a sabre-toothed tiger or not – they just ran. Today, we’re still getting that fight or flight or freeze response to modern-day situations such as public speaking or relationship issues. Our modern day brains mistake an argument with someone at work or seeing a spider to be as important as that life or death situation faced by our ancestors. This can be illustrated with phobias – our unconscious doesn’t care that we look foolish running away from a puppy or whatever, it just wants to protect us.


Together, in Cognitive Hypnotherapy, we will access this information and then communicate directly with that part of your brain where your behaviour is coming from. It is not like traditional –You’re-feeling-verrry-sleepy- sort of hypnotherapy. Instead, it uses the sort of trances we go into throughout the day every day – for instance, when you are listening to music, or recalling an event, or even driving a car and you reach a destination and can’t remember how you’ve arrived there… So I won’t be putting you into a trance, you’ll be doing that yourself and, because of this, you remain in control the whole time.

I will help you to answer the question: Why?

Why am I still smoking when I know it is so bad for me?

Why can’t I lose weight when I know what the healthy choices are?

Why do I feel stuck?

Why am I still biting my nails when I know how unsightly they look?

Why am I so worried about flying when I really want to go on holiday with my family?

Why am I so scared about standing up in front of a roomful of colleagues and talking?

Why am I feeling so anxious?

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The best bits

Cognitive Hypnotherapy incorporates some of the best bits of other therapies, such as NLP or Gestalt, and is a totally fluid and flexible, changing and adapting as each client changes and grows so that every client gains the best possible outcome for themselves.


Cognitive Hypnotherapy is also scientifically proven and you can read all about it. Have a look at this Research Article

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