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Whatever you are worried about, whatever is holding you back or stopping you moving forward, talk to me. I’ll help you be the best version of yourself and together we will find a way for you to switch your thinking and change your life.

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Insomnia may be a message from our subconscious to let us know that it hasn’t fully processed something. Whether you have trouble falling asleep or you wake up in the middle of the night, I can help you understand what’s going on and what you can do about it. A personalised relaxing download may also help.

Phobias and fears
Our subconscious wants to protect us. That’s its job. But sometimes it can make a mistake. Together we can understand what’s really happening to you every time you see a spider or a dog or whatever it is you currently avoid or flee from. How you do your phobia is completely individual to you, as will be the way we work together to learn how to control its impact in a method that you are completely comfortable with.
Stress, Anxiety and Panic Attacks
Anxiety and panic attacks can be terrifying. They may even lead to a vicious circle where you can start to be anxious that you are going to feel anxious. I can help you “dial down” your anxiety and give you a strategy to cope. I can also help if you just have a general feeling of being stuck, as if life is passing you by and happening to other people, or you could feel happier. There may be something holding you back, something in your subconscious you’re not aware of. Let’s explore this together and come up with a strategy for coping if that’s what you need, or find a way to address the issue at the core of the problem.
Lack of confidence and low self-esteem
If, at your very core, you have a limiting belief that you are not loveable or are not worthy then you will always look for evidence to support this. Cognitive Hypnotherapy is very successful at interrupting this pattern so you can “re-calibrate” and start to live your life in a mindset of growth, unlocking your full potential so you can live a happier, more confident life.
Unwanted habits
These are all the things we all do, almost without thinking. This is because we are in a trance when we bite our nails, or pull our hair, or whatever habit we have that we know is not serving us yet we can’t give it up. Let’s break that trance.
Weight loss
Often we know all the stuff about making healthy choices but we always seem to sabotage ourselves. Why is that? Together we will work out a way for you to have a healthy relationship with, in the first place, yourself and then with food. I will also give you techniques to help you with your cravings.
Eating disorders
Eating disorders are very rarely about food – they are about self-esteem or control or self-confidence or a variety of other things and every person who has an issue around food does it differently for different reasons. I work with clients – gently, taking however long it takes – first to help them acknowledge what may be happening, to separate them from their eating habits and then, when they have a better relationship with themselves, to give them a strategy to help them have a better relationship with food.
Public Speaking
Fear of public speaking is one of the most common anxieties. I can give you strategies to help and together we can see if there is something going on at a deeper level.
Exam Nerves
“Strong emotion makes us stupid” and if we are so worried about failing an exam then everything we have learnt just goes out the window. I can give you a plan to help you “dial down” your nerves and together we can explore what’s really going on.
Other areas I can help you with

Most problems begin and end with what’s in our heads. Call me on 07890 122018 to chat through anything you are worried about or any area of your life which you feel could be improved, whether it be pain management, stopping smoking or issues within a relationship. Whatever help you need, I’m just a phone call away.

“We all love ourselves more than other people, but care more about their opinion than our own.” Marcus Aurelias